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Since February 2021 I have the joy of facilitating #IamRemarkable Workshops both privately and at work.


This is my humble attempt to give back to the world a little bit, from all the privileges and all successes I've had in my life. It's absolutely rewarding to help spread the message of the #IamRemarkable movement and it's something I happily do.

As of March 2024, I've facilitated 20 workshops. You can take a look here at my current facilitator score provided by Google.

First Workshop in English

With a happy group of friends of mine....

First Workshop in German

With a happy group of colleagues from work...

First Workshop in Spanish

With a happy group of friends of mine....

And my mom as a special guest! :-)

And some more I did not get to capture in a pic !!

Check out my facilitator score below (stand of March 2024). Max score is 5.0

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