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In the Sysadmin-Ops world… without fear!

I made the jump. I am into this now. It’s been roughly half a month and I still find myself going through my adaptation plan on my head every morning on my way to the office (just like now) and telling myself that everything is gonna be fine. I can do this. I have no fear!

My main fear: I will look like a fool

There were many things I was afraid of once I realized what I was getting into:

  1. I am the new one and I have no idea. They won’t accept me that easy, they will make fun of me. I will look like a fool.

  2. I was never sysadmin. I don’t have experience working in linux. There are too many concepts/terms I don’t know. While I get myself to the appropriate level, I will look like a fool.

Facing my fears

Well I decided to get my hands to work and do what it takes to fight my fear. I don’t want to get knocked down by looking like a fool, so I gotta learn to fight. Afraid of looking stupid? Just accept that it might be like that for a while, but keep the head up, be proud and self confident that you are amazing. But stay humble. This is what I do. To not look stupid, I have developed a plan/roadmap on how I will learn all the stuff. What makes me so afraid? The console? Linux admin stuff? So I enrolled myself in an online course and make sure to pair (rather look over the shoulder at first) with me experienced colleagues. Learn by doing. That there is a bunch of terminology, concepts, etc that I don’t know? So I google like crazy and get myself proper books to read while sitting at the bus or train.

No Fear!

With self determination, confidence and a positive attitude, I fight my way through this new world. I will win. This is the only way we have (btw) to survive in this rapid changing world, being able to learn fast, effectively and with no fear.

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