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My journey in tech so far… and the path to starting this blog!

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

I started my career as a software developer. In 2011 I joined Kuehne+Nagel in Hamburg as a java developer for the KN FreightNet project. This was the first agile project at all in the Global IT organization of the company, and I had the chance to be there from the beginnings. My world became “agile” and I got so interested in “the big picture” that I began helping with more analytical and communicational tasks in my team and inter-team collaboration.

After a short break due to my maternity leave, I completely shifted from software development to requirements engineering, collaborating as well with our department’s agile coaching team in retrospectives moderation.

It was also after my return, that I got caught in the “DevOps” movement, because I was reassigned to a team where the first continuous deployment pilot of the company was under development. It was a big learning curve, but to me it was a new, challenging and fascinating world.

I started learning quickly new concepts, principles, practices and behaviors. I started attending as many meetUps and conferences as I could to hear the experiences from others and see what I could learn. I discovered a big community happy to share knowledge.

That’s how I realized that I also had stories to share. Listening to others made me realize that what we were doing in our department was also a cool and interesting experience to share. So I decided to start talking around about the cool stuff we do for the KN FreightNet platform at Kuehne+Nagel.

After talking for the first time ever in a conference (Delivery of Things World Berlin 2017) telling about our journey to continuous deployments, I decided I would definitely do that more often. It was such an adrenaline rush! Apart from all the valuable insights I got from all other talks.

So I decided to add public speaking as one of my professional features, and happily I have plenty of food for thought at my working place, where I get cool ideas to talk about. And they are happy to have a passionate advocate like me promoting the cool stuff we do. It’s a win-win situation :-)

I spoke two times more on 2017, and once already last week at the DevOpsDays Kiel 2018. Who knows, maybe I’ll speak again sometime this year somewhere else :-P

But I realized that very often I have a pile of ideas in my head I would like to get rid of and somehow never find the chance. That’s how I decided to create this blog.

Let’s see how this pile of ideas grows. Stay tuned! :-)

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